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Traffic Management Bollard



Sentry Posts carries the superb range of non-automated bollards. They can be installed to protect garage forecourts, shop fronts or domestic parking areas.

Traffic Management
& Access Control

Traffic Management is essential for pedestrian protection & congestion reduction. Access control is highly effective for commercial security & car park management.

High Security

The broadest range of impact tested high Security vehicle barriers including shallow mount technology, surface mounted products, temporary barriers & permanent installations

As the supplier of market-leading bollard systems, Sentry Posts is at the forefront of traffic security in Northern Ireland. Investment in new product development by ATG Access secures Sentry Posts at the forefront of traffic security systems In Northern Ireland.

ATG Access are the only bollard supplier complying to Highways Agency Type Approval and the entire products range is innovative and effective, without being out of place.

Security is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of the built environment, from car parks and public facilities to pedestrian zones and residential area. To meet the needs of modern living, the effective management of traffic requires a system that is secure, yet attractive and inconspicuous.

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Barriers and gateways can be intrusive, implying closure and containment but at times offering inadequate resistance to the very determined. Bollard systems however, combine strength with discretion, creating an open and secure environment and sending the right message to the right people.

Sentry Posts offer static, manual telescopic and automated bollards, each effective in individual localised situations and a powerful security system when used in unison to protect large, complex domains.

In addition Sentry Posts carry a superb range of traffic calming products, home security, stainless steel, and plastic products. Irelands leading supplier of automatic bollards crash tested to PAS 68, high security solutions, including PAS 68 gates, barriers, and other facilities for car parks and public areas. perimiter security experts.