Universal Rack Protector

  • One size fits all
  • Extremely impact resistant
  • Safety yellow or transparant
  • Retains its shape, easy to maintain
  • Easy installation

Installation by means of one single click

As from now on worrying about the right size and complex installation procedures are ancient history. Just push the RackBull against the rack support rails and you will automatically hear a click. The RackBull is now connected. Quick, efficient and extremely simple!

One size, two colours *

RackBull not only distinguishes itself thanks to its ‘one size fits all’ principle, but also because of its intelligent and well thought-out choice of colours. Next to the standard ‘safety yellow’ the RackBull is also available in a transparent version. In this way you can put cardboard or plastic strips and charts in the protector containing information that needs to be permanently visible: bar codes, rack numbers, product information etc.

In the future the transparent version will become increasingly important, as more and more countries are implementing a yearly safety inspection of the racks. Thanks to the transparent colour this inspection can be done without having to remove the rack protectors first. That’s quite some time that can be gained!

(*) Other colours are available on request.

Impact Foam

Dust Cap

Transparent + inlay

Inlay card