Service & Repairs

Service & Repairs

Annual Site Service and Maintenance Contract

Keeping your bollards and security products fully operational requires regular servicing and is a requirement of the supply of machinery (safety) regulations 1992. It is required that the end user/customer of all industrial and automated systems should establish a fully documented maintenance regime in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. It is also a requirement of British Standards (BS12453) that a biannual service of safety systems be carried out by a competent body and in Sentry Posts we have engineers who are fully trained and meet these requirements. It should also be noted that in the unfortunate event of a breach of security, any insurance companies providing cover would be keen to see evidence of these records.

Our experienced and trained engineers therefore would visit your site twice a year pre-arranged with you.

A full service and maintenance of each bollard will include:

  • Inspection and dismantling as required
  • Clean the inner chamber to remove any debris and water ingress
  • Replacement of any worn parts at a reduced cost
  • Re-assembly and ensure correct function of product

The annual service will include all labour charges and the replacement of standard wearing parts at a reduced price.

Additional charges will be applied when:

  • Non-standard wearing parts are not working or parts are required due to misuse or incorrect use. Our engineer will advise the customer of the extra parts required and the cost to replace.
  • Any extra visits required as a result of product damage or misuse.

Damaged or misused Bollards

Please contact us in the event of your Bollard being hit or damaged. This does not always require a complete new post as spare parts are available.

Service of bollards

If you wish to organise a one-off service for your posts, please contact our sales office on 0845 6066095 and ask for Cathy who will be more than happy to discuss with you the necessary information.

Spare Parts including replacement keys and locks

We stock a wide range of spare parts for Bollards such as replacement keys, locks and lid & hinges.