Abrasive Jet Cleaning

We specialise in using a specific ‘adjustable pressure, low consumption abrasive jetting system’ that has been used nationwide for property restoration, including gaining approval for and subsequently working on many Listed Buildings.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible, many surfaces can be dealt with quickly and easily.
  • The amount of abrasive and the blast pressure can be tuned – much more effectively than with a dry abrasive blaster this allows us to clean quite soft surfaces where the aggression of a standard dry blast system would cause excessive damage
  • Scaleable – we can bring in additional contractors should there be enough work – and so long as there is space for multiple machines.
  • Relatively Cost Effective, prehaps twice as expensive as pressure washing but typically less than half the cost of chemical stripping
  • Suitable surface profile for subsequent sealing treatments
  • Longer timescale before flash rusting appears compared to wet systems