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Road User Charging Scheme


The ATG Access VP700 is, in essence identical to the VP200 in that it carries Highway Agency approval and compromises of a 168mm diameter bollard in stainless steel or a 200mm diameter bollard in black.
The VP700 is differentiated from the VP200 by its hydraulics. The higher specification hydraulic set-up enables the VP700 to operate in more severe and demanding conditions.

The VP700 comes with a system consisting of red and green indicator lights to instruct users when it is safe to pass through the system and loops are installed in the ground to instruct the bollards to rise once a vehicle has passed and also to prevent bollards from rising underneath vehicles.
Other loops such as approach loops are installed to send information to the system; this is dependent on the way in which the client wants the system to operate.

The Application

Ideal for areas with a heavy pedestrian flow such as high streets or urban areas.

The Benefits

  • Highways Agency (DLTR) approved
  • Intelligent software/operation
  • More secure and durable than a barrier
  • Anti Vandal software & hardware
  • Smaller civil footprint

Highways Agency (DLTR) approved

Finishes available
Stainless Steel (168mm d) or Black (200mm d)
168mm – S/S, 200mm - Black
Basic Operating Instructions
2 Seconds up, 2 Seconds down
Wall Thickness
Optional Extras
Drainage Pumps, Stainless Steel Cabinet, Stainless Steel Bollard, Anti vandal hardware & software